Which team will be the winner? Soccer fans once again looking to Animal brigade for predictions

  • Sneha Gohri, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 04, 2014 17:00 IST

Who will win world cup 2014? That is the burning question in every football fan's heart and who better than our incredible animal kingdom to the rescue.

Paul, the famous octopus who managed to flawlessly predict the winners of Germany’s 2010 World Cup clashes is dead and his many replacements haven’t managed to garner the same success.

Here are the ones making headlines and wooing fans with their antics:

Shaheen the camel

The latest to join the club is the phenomenal four hooved world cup prediction machine Shaheen.

She resides in the deserts of Dubai and predicts the winners of the match by biting the winning team’s placard.

Her hilarious videos on YouTube by the Gulf News channel have created ripples of laughter worldwide.

Big Head the turtle

The reptilian is being hailed as a pundit. His fish eating predictions have captured the attention of international newspapers like the Daily Mail and are being tipped for greatness.

Nelly the elephant

Nelly is an experienced old soul who has had previous success in the 2010 world cup and Euro 2012.

Her prediction process of throwing balls into the winning team’s net is confusing but mostly correct. She recently predicted a series of wins for Germany in their group campaign.

Pele the piranha

Ever wished for an Amazonian toothsayer as a psychic sage?

Look no more this piranha loves to predict match winners at mealtimes much like the sorely missed Paul, the octopus.

His predictions may not always be sound but his ‘never say die ‘attitude deserves a thumbs up!

Madame Shiva the Guinea Pig

Never underestimate a guinea pig, this Swiss is hard to miss.

She makes her forecast by pooing at one end of the pitch. She correctly called a Swiss victory over Ecuador in their opening match.

Best to ignore the droppings she leaves in her prediction frenzy.

May the animals be ever in your favour.

(Sneha Gohri is a 17-year-old student. She is interning with the hindustantimes.com World Cup team after earning her spot with a write-up)

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