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Who is USA to blame N Korea?

india Updated: Oct 10, 2006 18:07 IST

When US manufactured atom bomb, it did not seek the sanction of the League of Nations and no nation protested over its action. When it threw the atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on innocent Japanese civilians, nobody seems to have protested.

Was its action not that of a terrorist because terrorist by definition is one who terrorise innocent people? Now, it has took upon itself the role of the conscience keeper of the whole world and wants everyone to sign Non Proliferation Treaty. Here it may be mentioned that USSR, France, England, China, Pakistan and India also did not seek the sanction of the UN before producing nuclear weapons. Why don’t the US, Russia, China, France, UK, India and Pakistan etc. destroy all the nuclear bombs with them?

If they cannot, what is the rationale of making fuss over North Korea testing a nuclear bomb or asking Iran not to manufacture atom bombs? I as a rational thinking individual do not find any reason for condemning North Korea or passing sanctions against it if other countries like those mentioned above continue to produce atom bombs, etc. Let every country have a nuclear bomb. Then they will realise how dangerous it can be to start a war and may be, they would then become more responsible.

For example, I have heard to General Musharraf's press conference after his return from Agra Summit and he had said that Pakistan should not talk of war with India because both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries capable of destroying each other completely. I do not know how far the general was sincere but he had also said that he had seen so many wars and had seen his friends dying in his lap. So, he did not want war.

Despite being an Indian, I feel that General Musharraf or for that matter, North Korean leaders would not start a nuclear war. They too have heads on their shoulders and understand the implications of a nuclear war. It is quite another thing that Pakistan would continue to wage a proxy war by encouraging and supporting cross border terrorism. However, we need not lose sleep over North Korea going nuclear or Iran becoming a nuclear power in future.