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Why doesn't GDP growth show?

india Updated: Feb 08, 2007 16:39 IST

There is so much talked about the development and the GDP's 9 per cent growth. I feel the government is just bragging and feeling good about it. I hale from a very small village of Bhagalpur, have studied in various parts of India and currently work in the US.

To my mind it’s just a political propaganda to keep people distracted. How can the government make such claims? How can we achieve this growth when development has been so patchy across India?

Please allow me to point it.

1) No affective plans for improving law and order situation in the entire country
2) No plans to remove corruption, which is in the DNA of the country
3) No plans to decrease the expenditure, which is paid by the poor taxpayers
4) No plans to have a consolidated consortium for farmers, everyday some farmer commits suicide and it seem no one is bothered
5) There is no health care facility for citizens
6) The education system in villages is miserable; there are no teachers
7) Villages get little or no electricity, how will the agriculture industry work? Unfortunately there is no sign that current government is even thinking to solve this problem
8) See the small-scale industry, just because of the inefficiency of the government it sleeps safely in coffin. Just think how much of employment we have created for the people, rather making a false clam to give employment in every family.
9) There is no rule of law and the whole country is slipping towards anarchy
10) We live still in the socialist school of thought, which is the best on paper but hard nut to crack when it comes to implementation
11) It seems there is no leadership and the whole country is run by the underpins
12) I don’t see a single line spoken by the current government to decrease the geometrically growing population. This will eventually eat-up all the development, which we are making and we will be left dry.
13) The politicians are dividing us on the basis of religion, caste and creed just to divert our minds from the unending plethora of problems.