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Wily media

india Updated: Jun 05, 2008 23:09 IST

Apropos of Shohini Ghosh’s Here we are now, entertain us (June 4), there is no doubt that the media has presented speculation as fact in the Aarushi Talwar murder case. The under-trial’s right to a fair trial has been ignored. The writer is correct in her assertion that it is not the media’s responsibility to establish guilt or innocence. The media should confine itself to reporting the proceedings of the case in an unbiased and fair manner.

K Venkataraman,

Union of opposites

Abhishek Singhvi’s Never the twain shall meet (June 4) is an unfortunate piece of political writing. If so many faiths, languages and cultures can co-exist in India, then why can’t there be a government comprising both the Congress and the BJP? It is time that these parties think over it and come together to give India the most powerful and effective government ever.

Keshav Prasad,


Abhishek Singhvi’s article betrays certain restlessness in the Congress. The party is a sinking ship , and it is not ready to admit that it is no more the biggest party in the country. Also, most of its current problems arise out of its partner Left’s regressive resistance, which the Congress cannot but patiently digest.

Murari Chaturvedi,

Ugly. Period

Indrajit Hazra’s article Ah, my beauty past compare (June 4) gave word to my deepest sentiments concerning the Indian Premier League Trophy. The trophy was indeed the most frightful thing I have ever seen.
It was uglier than the ugliest school trophies — anatomically challenged swans and lotus flowers of the brass-purporting-to-be-gold variety, mounted on a plastic base. Even Bianca Castafiore could not have outshone this one. Captain Haddock has much to be grateful for, even if we don’t!

Urmila Kalra
Via email