Women want more and so worry more

  • Namita Kohli, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Aug 14, 2014 18:32 IST

The interesting gender dynamic that is revealed in the survey is that more young women are worried about their future than their male counterparts - 49 per cent women as opposed to 44 per cent men.

The "worry" is also reflected in the higher figure of expectations from the future: 69 per cent women, as against 55.4 per cent men have high expectations from life.

With higher numbers of young women entering the workforce and aspiring to empower themselves financially, as well as become successful professionals, traditional stereotypes of women are no longer the norm.

Today, the likes of Roy, who says she was inspired by her older sister, a journalist, and Bhattacharya, think of themselves as "ambitious" and aspire for professional success, before they can think of marriage and "settling down".

"I am not like my friends for many whom marriage is the only future they can imagine. I would rather travel, see the world, and make some money for myself," she says.

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