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Work always leads to play

I am 18 and I like a girl who is a friend of my friend’s sister. She often comes to my friend’s house and I asked him to speak to her about me...

india Updated: Oct 29, 2012 18:28 IST
Cyrus Broacha

I am 18 and I like a girl who is a friend of my friend’s sister. She often comes to my friend’s house and I asked him to speak to her about me. She is homely and a nice person in general. I think she likes me too. My friend tried to talk to her about me, his sister yelled at him. I think this is because his sister likes me too, which is why she is not letting me ask her friend out. I really want to date this girl, what should be my next step.
— Mayur

Mayur, obviously your friend is no marketing genius. I doubt if he's from the Wharton Business School or even, SP Bajaj Mumbai? On the other hand if the elder sister knows what you’re trying to do, and she happens to like you, this can turn out to be worse than Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. (With circumstances reversed). You've got to communicate with this girl alone, that's your only shot. But why work so hard? If I was you I’d just plump for the sister. As Tulsidas once said, a bird in hand... (Tulsidas never completed the couplet because the Chinese dinner he had ordered arrived exactly at that time.)

I fell in love with a girl from my class, from the moment I saw her. I only talk to her during exams when she sits in front of me. I really want this girl, but I don’t know how. What do I do?
— Amey

Amey, you must be doing really well in your exams. Okay, firstly, if exams are your only meeting point, please don't fail the year or you’ll never see her again. So focus during the exam and then chat with her about the next paper. A serious work chat is the best way to open your innings. Work always leads to play. That’s why work was invented in the first place. It really has no other purpose so invest wisely during exam time.

I am 19 and I was in a relationship with a girl for 17 months. We broke up because her parents didn’t want me to be friends with her; as we belong to different religions. They didn’t know about our relationship and thought we were just friends. But they had a problem with that too. She says she still loves me and I still love her. What do I do? Please help.
— Mr Worried

Mr Worried, first of all start with Pranav Yoga relaxation exercises. It will help you. Now this is a common enough occurrence. And the answer is simple. Shakespeare my distant relative said, “Do not to the marriage of two minds admit impediments”. Meaning if you truly love each other, there shall be no obstacles. Always love before everything my friend, as the sign on the truck says.

Last week we went to party at a friend’s house. We were all guys. Our friend is married and his wife was the only woman in the house. At around 3 am everybody was drunk including our friend and his wife. So she went to her bedroom, supposedly to sleep. Then one of my friends sneaked into her bedroom. He returned after a while and another went inside and so on. Our friend was too drunk to know what was happening. I wonder if I should tell my friend that his wife is a nymphomaniac and a serial cheat. Help me get rid of my guilt, Cyrus.
— Superman

No Superman, guilt is your Kryptonite. This judgment call only you can make. I normally “let sleeping dogs lie” Sorry make that “Sleeping wives lie”. Personally I would avoid such social interventions and avoid interfering. But then it is you who need to decide how close your friend is. Damn, no one ever calls me for such parties!