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Yesterday once more

india Updated: Sep 06, 2010 21:23 IST

It would appear that for years now, we have seriously underestimated the power of Indian intelligence agencies. Far from being the equivalent of the keystone cops, our spooks have been getting up to all sorts of skullduggery mainly in Nepal. Now that the political parties have failed for the sixth time to elect a prime minister, it turns out that India has stealthily masterminded the operations so as to prevent Maoist leader Prachanda from coming to power.

There is the little matter of him have got far less votes than required to bring him within striking distance of prime ministership but then admitting that would be no fun. But are our friends in Kathmandu giving us too much credit where none is due?

Long ago and far away, India was supposed to be in cahoots with the former monarch Gyanendra and his psychotic son Paras. But clearly, New Delhi fell down on its task of keeping the King in the palace as he was swept away by democratic forces.

Then along comes an even more fiendish ploy by India in which it actually got dear old Prachanda to quit office on some flimsy ground. Of course, several things like grinding poverty and fall in tourism have been engineered by India though we have not quite understood to what end.

It is clear to us, impartial media observers, that Nepal is getting along just fine without a government. So, we suggest that this 'elect a prime minister' could be billed as a unique tourist attraction complete with back-stabbing and horse-trading thrown in for colour.

Who knows this may set off a new trend of leaderless countries. In fact, if Nepal can perfect this new form of non-government a bit more, there may be other countries that might adopt this model. It would certainly be a lot easier on the exchequer and would afford some form of entertainment for people. Meanwhile, like the ditty '10 green bottles standing on the wall', now six green bottles have accidentally fallen.