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Yoga- Food for mind, soul and body

india Updated: May 03, 2011 11:42 IST

Gargi College lecturer Rashmi Bhardwaj often suffered from depression. She tried gyming an even joined a salsa class to get rid of her negative thoughts. "And though these things helped a bit, they left me a lot exhausted," she says. That was when a friend advised her to start doing yoga. "It has nearly eight months now and believe me I am a lot happier. Yoga has taken away all my negative thoughts," she says.

Bhardwaj is not alone. There are many like her who have started doing yoga cope with the daily stress and strain of pressure jobs and hectic lifestyles. If Roopa Pal Chowdhary and Monica Kakkar wanted to lose weight, severe acidity troubled Neetu Gupta. Similarly Seema Chowdhary wanted to get rid of her joint pains while Shalu Khanna "wanted to learn how to breathe properly". More and more people are turning to Yoga for health reasons. And it is not just old and senior citizens who do these asanas, but even the young and hip. "Power Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga with dynamic exercises. It places demands on all of the muscles, boosting circulation and improving muscle tone," says yoga instructor Kanta Prasad. "But this is something which is done by people who are already fit, for increasing stamina," he says.

"But these days when even the young ones are falling to prey to critical ailments, it is therapeutic (health) yoga to which they are turning to," he adds. "The most common problem with which people come to us is stress. And yoga really helps," he says.

"But health yoga should be done under the supervision of professionals. Patients of depression, arthritis, asthma, sinus, BP, and migrane can feel the difference within 10-15 days of doing these exercises," says Dr Mohan Kumar of Yoga Guru.

"Gyming helps just the physical body while yogic exercises help in over-all improvement. Ideally one must go for a walk in the morning and perform yoga in the evening," says Dr Rajesh Mishra, who has been teaching yoga for the last 17 years. "The results show slowly, but the benefits are for life. Yoga just doesn't work on one part of the body like gym exercises but these asanas cleanse the whole system," says Pradeep Singh Solanki of Yoga on Call. "And effects remain even after one has stopped doing yoga, he adds.

Some places where Yoga classes are held:

Fortis Hospital, Sector 62
Raddison Hotel, Sector 18
Sector 15A Club
D-4 Sector 20
A-83, Sector 41
H-54, Sector 39
A-68, Sector 92
Parsvnath Prestige in Sector 92

Doing in groups is cheaper, it costs about Rs 1250-1500 per month. Apart from learning in groups at the yoga studios in these sectors, one can also learn in the privacy of her/his home. Most yoga instructors are ready to pay home visits, though at a higher price. Home visits are costly Rs 250-350 per class.

The best time to do yoga is early morning. But there is no hard and fast rule. Only it should be done on empty stomach, about 2.5 hours after having food.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga with dynamic exercises. Places demands on all of the muscles, boosting circulation and improving muscle tone. Power yoga is a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Power Yoga put emphasis on strength and flexibility.