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Yoga way to bliss

india Updated: Jan 04, 2010 22:33 IST
M.N. Kundu

We have to live in the thick of worldly things, discharge daily duties and responsibilities and yet satisfy our intense spiritual quests. Today is Paramahansa Yogananda’s birth anniversary, and, therefore, the time to recall the lessons on self-realisation he gave the world. Sitting in our drawing rooms, we can have the highest teachings on Rajayoga for total transformation of life from within.

The ultimate fulfilment of life is to realise our oneness with the universal consciousness as a matter of direct experience. But the outward attachment of the body-bound consciousness is the impediment, which is required to be overcome by an inward journey to self-realisation so that the essence of existence is transformed into all-pervading bliss and cosmic consciousness.

The purpose of life is to evolve through self-effort so that the encased consciousness is uncased into cosmic consciousness. Man is to realise and experience that he is neither the body nor the mind but the eternal existence, consciousness and joy. Such realisation requires total transformation of the ego into Divine Self. Intense inner urge and practice of methodical meditation enable us to expedite the same.

To capacitate the aspirants for self-realisation, Yogananda taught Kriyagoga, which is a simple psycho-physical Rajyoga technique that decarbonises blood and vitalises brain and spinal centres to facilitate cosmic consciousness. The practice is perfectly compatible with the life of a householder and is of immense value to them.

Yogananda made significant contribution to the traditional path by combining it with selfless service to mankind and unconditional love for God with deep divine anchorage. He never accepted scholarly knowledge of scriptures as divine wisdom and advised to assimilate wisdom through repeated self-inquiry and meditation. Thus, he spread comprehensive yoga by making a perfect synthesis of its fourfold type, namely Rajayoga, Jnanayoga, Bhaktiyoga, and Karmayoga.

Since modern life is not compatible with exhaustive spiritual training at his hermitage, he prepared lessons on self-realisation to disseminate the highest yoga techniques to householders along with instructions on spiritual way of life for the ultimate realisation through meditation and divine love.