India Art Fair: the power of two

Two divergently different artists bring their works and world views to the ongoing India Art Fair. Nirav Modi and Sindhuja Parthasarathy's works showcase their innovation and creativity.

Artist's name: Sindhuja Parthasarathy

Work: A photo exhibition capturing the struggle of India's transgender community. 

Sindhuja Parthasarathy's TAVAM documents India's transgender community and their historic struggle for gender identity.
The artist documents the festival of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu, notably the largest transgender festival in South Asia.

The festival takes place at the Koothandavar Temple and is dedicated to  God Aravan, deriving its rituals from the mythic lore of Lord Vishnu's marriage to Mohini.

Mohini is said to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna, which furthers the argument in a historical and religious domain to legitimise the community's identity.

Parthasarathy, through her series of bold photographs, shows the ritualistic dances and mourning of the community.

She believes that a space is needed for social issues to be expressed through the medium of art to heighten sensitivity.

"Some viewers claimed these occurrences to be divine intervention, a woman looked at the pictures and said that they look mentally deranged and one even asked me if I was from the community myself," the artist said at the fair.
(Text by Priyanka Das Saharia)

Trangender fashion show. (Photo Courtesy: Sindhua Parthasarathy, HT Photos/Priyanka Dass Saharia)

Artist's name: Nirav Modi

Work: Collection of jewellery titled The Mughal collection

In the dazzling display of paintings and installations that is the India Art Fair 2014, comes a collection from the leading jeweler Nirav Modi, titled 'The Mughal Collection'.

Miniatures which once adorned the darbars of Mughal palaces are priceless for the private collectors. Modi's jewellery collection at the Fair has been inspired by these. The pieces come with the ineffaceable stamp of hard work and craftsmanship, reflecting the essence of Mughal art. One can notice the lush richness of diamond basking in its own opulence, making the visitor crave for one.

Have a glance at this bright and brilliant collection of Nirav Modi at India Art Fair.

(Text by Ankita Ganguli)

A piece from the collection.

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