Overstaying Indian couple granted temporary visa relief in NZ

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  • Updated: Dec 02, 2010 12:08 IST

An Indian couple, overstaying in New Zealand for eight years, has been granted a temporary relief from deportation with 12 months work visas after their bid to stay was rejected by the government.

According NZ Herald report, Usha and Sital Ram were last night granted visas which will allow them to stay in the country with their three children all of whom have New Zealand citizenship. The couple, who lives in Hastings, had been overstayers in the country for eight years and Immigration New Zealand rejected their bid to continue to stay.

Ram was set to be released from prison today where he has been held since September. The family were in the process of deciding whether to return to India leaving their children behind for a better life when they got the news last night from Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson.

The minister had been asked by the family to overturn the removal order. Wilkinson said that while she could not condone the couple's "apparent disregard" of New Zealand's immigration laws, she had considered submissions asking that they be allowed to stay, the report said.

"I have decided to request the cancellation of the removal orders against the couple and am granting 12-month open work visas" she said, adding, she could not guarantee the couple would be granted further visas. Ram said her children had been given the day off from school to welcome home their father, who was to return from prison today.

"We are just so very, very happy. We want to thank everyone who has helped us".


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