Siddhayatan: A Tirth, not Temple

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  • Updated: Feb 06, 2009 21:05 IST

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Hindu and Jain temples have expanded across the United States; however, not one of these temples is considered a Tirtha (pilgrimage site). Siddhayatan is the firth Tirtha outside India, and it is located near Dallas, Texas. This is what makes Siddhayatan unique and special.

Temples, according to most dictionaries, are places that worship a deity or deities. In the United States, Hindu and Jain temples are found within the city limits which makes it a practical choice to visit a temple once to several times a week to participate in poojas, discourses, and community gatherings. Temples are found everywhere throughout India, too, but those that are distinguishable, extraordinary, and historical are known as the Tirthas.

Tirthas are holy places of pilgrimage thousands flock to visit from near and far away countries every day. A pilgrimage is a long journey to a sacred place as a symbol of religious and spiritual devotion. A tirtha’s significance is to uplift the consciousness of all participants by engaging them in a long walk (journey), remind them of spiritual values (symbolism), and is a place of spiritual and healing vibrations.

With hundreds to thousands of people visiting a tirth daily, a special energy is created from the pure intentions of the many seekers. Such energy can heal a person from within and without, and that is why many tirths are even considered miraculous places. Siddhayatan Tirth is the first outside of India and the first to have multiple pilgrimage sites.

Siddhayatan Tirth will be a place where miniature versions of famous tirthas of India will be constructed, thus giving visitors not only a chance to visit one tirth, but the opportunity to visit ten tirths at one time. Each tirtha will occupy at least 4 acres of land containing original soil and water from India’s famous tirthas. For example, Kailash-Mansarovar, Sammedshikhar, Bahubali, Palitana, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Girnarji. Such a sacred journey will take approximately 4 hours to visit all tirthas, with the opportunity to meditate and absorb the spiritual vibrations. Upon completion of the pilgrimage, visitors will have the opportunity to learn spiritual teachings directly from Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Siddhayatan’s founder.

Siddhayatan is seated on 125 acres of beautiful rolling hills over an hour away from Dallas, Texas - a perfect place to host 40 acres of miniature pilgrimage sites. A temple is commonly found in the city, but pilgrimages are intended to be far from the hustle and bustle of life so that visitors can feel their stress melt away. One visitor commented, “The drive itself leaving the city starts the long and sacred journey only to be continued at Siddhayatan where peace resides.” Temples and churches are found at almost every corner in the city, but there are no tirthas outside India…until now.

Do not be fooled and assume that Siddhayatan is “just another temple.” Hundreds have visited Siddhayatan with such a misconception; however, as soon as they arrive and learn about the tirtha concept soon to be implemented, they come to a new realization that Siddhayatan is a revolutionary place for spiritual learning and a milestone for Indian culture and history.

Munis, Swamis, and Sadhvis have already begun to visit Siddhayatan. (See attached photo.) Now it is your turn to be a part of history, improve your life, spend quality time with your family, and learn spirituality. Visit Siddhayatan Tirth and you will never forget the transforming impact it will make on your life.

Siddhayatan’s land purchase was a milestone, but after only four months, one of the structures is already being renovated into a new mandir. Soon with your help the Tirthas and Monastery for monks and nuns will be constructed.

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