52 Indore jail inmates to celebrate Diwali with their family

  • Milind R Lashkari, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Nov 09, 2015 19:38 IST
50 male inmates from Indore Central Jail and two female inmates from District Jail have been provisionally released for the festival. (Shankar Mourya/HT file photo)

The five-day celebrations for Deepavali that began from Monday also brought cheer for 52 jail inmates of the Indore Central Jail and District Jail, with their release on regular parole so they can celebrate the festival with their families at their native places.

According to jail officials from both the jails, 50 male inmates from Central Jail and two female inmates from District Jail were provisionally released for the festival, with certain conditions.

The released persons have a parole period of 16 days, beginning from Monday, and they will be required to report to the police station of their respective areas as well as present themselves at the jail before the end of the period.

Speaking to HT, Central Jail superintendent, Sanjay Pandey said that the parole of 425 jail inmates out of 1,369 convicts lodged at the jail had been sanctioned between September 1 and December 31. According to norms, once the parole is sanctioned, jail inmates can avail this privilege at any time during the four-month period.

It is to be noted that a total of 2,247 prisoners are lodged at Indore’s Central Jail, out of which 1,369 are convicts, while the remaining 878 are undertrials.

Pandey added that once the inmate is released from the jail on parole, the inmates are asked to report to the police station in the area as soon as they reach their native place and the jail administration also informs the police station. At the completion of the parole period, the inmate is supposed to appear before the police station again.

“As many 50 jail inmates had applied for parole for Diwali celebrations with their families at their native place and acting on their request, the Central Jail administration released them provisionally,” Pandey said.

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