AIPMT on July 25: From ears to specs, CBSE leaves nothing to chance

  • Manoj Ahuja, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Jul 16, 2015 20:13 IST

Students taking part in the all-India pre-medical test (AIPMT) on July 25 in Indore can expect an inspection so thorough, the security at airports pales in comparison.

In the backdrop of allegations of widespread malpractice and cheating in the test, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is leaving nothing to chance this time around.

To ensure that no communication devices, such as Bluetooth headsets or miniature cameras, are carried inside the examination hall, the invigilators have been instructed to keep a flashlight handy to check everything from the candidates’ ears to their spectacles.

“We have issued a set of guidelines to all the examination centre heads to make advance preparations to ensure that no malpractices take place during the AIPMT examination,” CBSE regional director Kamal Pathak said.

In a meeting of invigilators at their respective zonal centres, the CBSE gave strict instructions on the necessary measures needed to ensure that no student is able to use any unfair means while taking the exam.

The invigilators have been asked to be extra vigilant and lookout for any candidates acting suspiciously, like sitting idle for a long time.

During the last AIPMT exam conducted in May this year, students were caught with Bluetooth devices and SIM cards stitched onto their shirts.

Stringent measures outlined by the CBSE

The invigilators have been instructed to check the ears of all the candidates with the help of torchlight to ensure that there is no Bluetooth or any other communication device

The spectacles of students will also be inspected to ensure that there is no hidden device in them

Students will not be allowed to wear wristwatches in the exam hall. There will be a wall clock in each classroom

No goggles, handbags, hairpins, hair bands, belts, caps or scarves will be permitted

Candidates will only be allowed to wear light-coloured clothes and there should be no flowers or any other elaborate pattern on the outfit.

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