Change of season sees rise in viral fever cases in Indore

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Nov 04, 2014 19:31 IST

Caught in the transition phase of seasons, city doctors claim that a rise in viral infections and upper respiratory problems can be sighted among the residents.

As delay in winters can be experienced, doctors quote a rise of around 80% cases relating to viral infections. Humidity and the difference between temperatures of night and day have been sighted as the main reasons for this.

"On a daily basis, I get more than 12 cases of viral fever. The cases have a history of more than a week, because the patient gets it again. This is a very strange trend for something as simple as viral fever. The root cause is the delay in the coming in of winters and the fluctuating mercury levels," said Dr Sanjay Londhe, physician and chest expert from the city.

While a similar happening can be seen by Dr Shekhar Rao, secretary, Indian Medical Association, "Winters usually settle all things up. From reducing the mosquito rate to solving the problem of viral fever caused due to humidity in the air. The delay in the winters has caused the diseases to rise immensely."

However, as viral infections have increased the doctors also state a rise in the number of allergies. "I receive a number of cases which deal with allergies caused due to presence of pollutants in the air. These allergies saw a rise right after the Diwali celebrations, owing to the heavy pollution in the air. Lack of cleanliness of the surrounding is another reason for it," said Dr Londhe.

Advising people to maintain cleanliness and ensure that a healthy environment is maintained around them, Dr Rao adds, "We should be careful about the environment. Ensure that the surroundings are clean and proper hygiene is maintained."

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