Chhattisgarh sterilisation-linked drug firm closed 3 months ago

  • Ritesh Mishra, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Nov 15, 2014 21:04 IST

One of the drug companies under the scanner for the deaths of 14 sterilised women in Chhattisgarh has been found to operate from a double-storey, four-room house in the city that has been unoccupied and locked since August.

Indore-based M/s Zee Pharma had supplied a lotion, Zealon, samples of which have now been sent by the Chhattisgarh government to a Kolkata laboratory for examination.

An HT correspondent was greeted by a big lock at 323, Kalani Nagar in Indore, the official address of M/s Zee Pharma. Kalani Nagar is one of the biggest colonies of the city with nearly 1500 houses. The house has been locked since August, neighbours said.

The building, its outside unplastered, carries no board or any sign identifying it as a drug supplying company.

An elderly woman, who lives in a house adjacent to the so-called medical firm, said she has been living in the colony for seven years. “People who had been living here before us told us that it (the firm) has been running here before that. In last few months, I (have) not seen anyone here in this plant. It is closed,” she said.

Locals said the company closed three months back and no one is seen there nowadays.

However, a local resident, Virendra Panceha, said one Ashok Jain of Bhopal was the owner of the company. “He used to come to my house. But, he hasn’t come for months. He is a resident of Bhopal and I did not know more about him,” he said.

Jain’s phone was switched off.

The existence of a medicine manufacturing company in a densely populated locality has raised questions over how it was allowed to come up and run in a residential area.

But, some old residents said a few non-hazardous medical units were established in the area in early 1980s.

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