'Eat healthy, avoid junk food during fast'

  • Nida Khan, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Oct 02, 2014 18:10 IST

Navratri refers to nine days of fun, frolic and religious fervour; and of course the fasting and garba. However, fasting can be tricky and harsh on the health, if one fails to choose their meals carefully.

"One should abstain from fattening and fried foods during the fast," says dietician Dr Priyanka Chauhan, advising people to take fruit salads, milk, fruit juices and other healthy options instead of chips.

Senior dietician Dr Tahira Khan said people should go for liquids such as coconut water and juices. "People on the heavier side should avoid sabudana khichdi during night as it causes constipation. They should instead opt for mordhan ki khichdi or fruits. These are not only light on the stomach, but their nutritive value is higher than the former."

Experts advise that proper food during fast will enable people to keep up with their routines. "One need not stop their fitness regimen, if they are consuming enough nutrition,” says Khan. Stressing on maintaining fluid balance in the body, she says, “People should drink lots of juices. Milk products are rich in nutritional value and provide energy."

Chauhan advises frequent meals instead of a single one. "One should eat frequently, but avoid munchies. For those gyrating to the pankhida tunes at night and fasting during the day, the dietician suggests, “One can have fruits or vegetable juices as they make up for loss of energy. Also one should try and catch proper rest. A change in the diet and exercise can cause exertion and fatigue as well".

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