Everybody loves Chabbis Janwary for his name

  • Ritesh Mishra, Hindustan Times, Indore/Mandsaur
  • Updated: Mar 02, 2015 12:17 IST

The tradition of naming days after individuals is common, but it is rare to have a person named after a national holiday.

And for Chabbis Janwary Tailor, so christened because he was born on January 26 or the Republic Day, the name is a source of both pride and exasperation.

Whenever the 55-year-old peon of the District Institute of Education (DIET) in Mandsaur walks into any office, he is instantly recognized and greeted with laughter.

But Tailor is not only widely known within administrative circles in Mandsaur, he is equally popular with the people, who never miss an opportunity to pose for photos with him.

Tailor, who joined DIET in 1993, was born in a teacher’s family on January 26, 1966, in Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district.

He says he was named by his teacher father. “My father was very patriotic and nationalist, so he had given me the name Chhabis Janwary,” Tailor told Hindustan Times.

"People don’t believe that this is my name and therefore I have to show them my identity card."

His name arouses such curiosity that many officials want to meet him in person.

"Most of the officers call me to their offices just because of my name and want to see me," Tailor said.

But there was a time when Tailor felt frustrated by the constant need to establish his identity.

"At one time, I was thinking to change my name because I had to face many problems in verification by banks and other departments but now I am proud of my name," he said.

"People respect my parents and me because of my name. Even the politicians of the city respect me for my name."

His seniors and colleagues at office, too, are proud of him.

"We are proud that Chhabis is in our department. He is a very humble, transparent and honest person," said DIET principal Urmila Tomar.

She further said every Republic Day, Tailor is given a special treat.

"Since, his name is Chhabis Janwary, we celebrate his birthday with respect inside the campus and sweets are distributed," Tomar added.

"It is honour that Chhabis Janwary is working with us. I respect his patriotism and his devotion towards his work. Sometimes he had to face some problems because of his name but he proudly faces it," said Vinod Chauhan, a teacher of DIET.

Tailor dreams of being felicitated by the government at the Republic Day parade in Delhi.

"I often dream that the government has called me for the Republic Day parade at the Red Fort in Delhi to honour me for my name. I know this will happen one day," said Tailor.

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