IMC razes 40 illegal establishments amid high drama

  • HT Correpondent, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Jul 30, 2015 19:36 IST

The Indore Municipal Corporation's (IMC) encroachment-removal team had to face stiff resistance from the people on Roshan Singh Bhandari Marg, between Malwa Mill Square and Zanzeerwala Square, during which 40 illegal constructions were razed.

Led by encroachment removal in-charge Mahendra Singh Chouhan, a team from the IMC reached the area on Thursday morning to carry out the demolition drive. No sooner had the team arrived than a crowd gathered and uproar against the drive began.

However, the local police was at hand to handle the situation, and mild lathi-charge was used to disperse the crowd.

"A woman came out of a house and poured kerosene on herself and her children, and threatened to immolate herself and her children if the IMC's team continued to bring down her house," said an eyewitness. The woman was immediately overpowered by police personnel at the site and taken to the police station.

As the crowd grew, tempers also began to flare, and a policeman was injured in the chaos that ensued.

People in the area had been living in the illegal establishments for over seven years. However, the IMC managed to carry out the drive despite initial delay due to residents preventing bulldozers from moving towards their houses.

"We issued several notices to them before today's action, they could have easily vacated their houses and moved to some other place," in-charge Chouhan said. "We have been informing the encroachers about consequences if they do not remove their shops for past one month, but they did not pay heed to our warnings. We can't let the people to encroach on city roads at their will."

Sources say the corporation's removal drive in the area will benefit a private hospital coming up in the locality.

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