Life changed for us after Kavita’s murder, says her husband in Indore

  • Ritesh Mishra, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Oct 09, 2015 23:41 IST
Sanjay Raina with his son Dhruv. (Arun Mondhe/HT)

Thursday was Sanjay Raina’s birthday. He wore the same shirt which Kavita Raina had gifted him on his last birthday. Sanjay Raina, husband of Kavita Raina, is planning to change his house, which is located at Mitra Bandhu Nagar in Indore, because everything that house has now haunts him. His friends have maintained a distance and they avoid calling him. The case remains unsolved till now. In a chat with HT, Sanjay explains how life has changed after his wife’s recent brutal murder.

How have things changed after the murder?

Everything has changed now. My close friends avoid me. People are maintaining a kind of distance from me. This is painful for a simple person like me. Even in my locality no one comes to our house because they fear that they might come under police radar. I and my family are being ostracised and therefore I am planning to shift from this place. On the other hand, everything in my house reminds me of her.

Are you satisfied with the police investigation till now and the media coverage?

Police are using all their might to solve the case. And that is what I want. I am completely satisfied till now. They are working day and night on the case. The DIG has assured me that they will crack the case. As far as the media is concerned, I can say that they have supported me. It was only recently, that some media reports worried me. My mother was shocked after reading that particular news coverage.

Do your kids understand what happened with Kavita?

No. They did not understand what happened to Kavita. My daughter thinks “Mummy ko chor leke chali gayi hai” and my son Dhurv has internalised his fears.

How are the children coping?

Thursday was my birthday. This shirt which I am wearing today was gifted by Kavita on my last birthday. We had planned that we would celebrate this day at Nakhrali Dhani at Khandwa road. My kids, Yashshvi (9) and Dhruv (11) had been waiting for this day. But everything has changed. My kids are still in shock. I did not celebrate my birthday on Thursday. I have lost everything.

How is the society reacting?

No one talks to me in the colony. An interesting problem came up recently. I tried to hire an auto rickshaw to ferry my kids to school but not a single auto driver came forward. I am shocked, I feel helpless. I talked to DIG about this issue and he assured me to provide help. The DIG also assured me to sort all my problems which I am facing.

How is reaction of other kids in the locality?

Kids, who used to play with them earlier, do not come now. This is a setback for my kids, they feel lonely. I try to divert their mind and give them a lot of my time, but their lives have changed.

Do you have any idea what was the reason behind the murder?

I have thought from each and every angle but I could not come to any conclusion. She was very normal the day the incident took place.

Earlier, you were quizzed by police and you were a suspect. How did you cope?

Yes, I know I was a suspect earlier but I have told everyone in the police that I will do anything to help in the case. I have told the police officers that I am available anytime for them because I want the accused to be punished.

Do you think you are still a suspect?

No. I think they have got all the information they wanted from me and are now concentrating on cracking the case and they still maintain that a person close to the family is behind the murder.

Do you have any enmity with anyone in your life?

No. Never. I have never entered into a brawl with anyone. I struggled a lot in my life. My father died early and I had to struggle for everything. In the last couple of years, I had become stable and now I have to face this. This has shattered me.

Any memory of Kavita you cannot forget?

I always remember her. She was like a manager of the family. She was the only one who took all decisions for the family. We had a dream that we would build the first floor of the house but everything is gone now. I cannot explain.

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