Listening to high volume music, spending much time on phone injurious: Experts

  • Nida Khan, Hindustan Times, Indore
  • Updated: Nov 05, 2014 16:11 IST

The habit of plugging ear phones all day can be injurious to your hearing capacity. While occupational hazards are counted as some of the reasons for hearing loss, doctors in the city also point at a similar happening owing to exposure to high decibel music and spending too much time on the phone.

Celebrated as the month of protecting your audiology, i.e. safeguarding oneself from hearing impairment, ear-nose-threat (ENT) experts from two renowned hospitals of the city said admitted the coming in of cases belonging to the former genre.

"Off late, we witness a number of cases which have people losing hearing power for unspecified reasons. It is only after investigations that we come to know that listening to high volume of music on ear-phones and spending too much time on the phone is the main reason," said Dr RK Mundra, head of ENT department, MGM Medical College.

The doctors state that once a rare phenomenon, they now get to see around 7-8 cases in a month of this stature. "People, these days, spend too much time on mobiles. Any sound which is more than 80 decibel is injurious to the ear," said Dr Anil Gwaliorkar, ENT specialist.

While the number of patients boring this phenomenon has increased, the doctors also cite the presence of such cases amongst teenagers more.

"People below the age of 30 are usually amongst the patients. The reason remains the use of excessive headphones while at work or driving. This slowly damages the sensitive nerves of the ears," added Dr Mundra.

Feeling the pain, consult the doctor
Pain in the ear: It could be severe pain accompanied with some loss in hearing.

Experiencing Tinnitus: It is a disease wherein a person experiences low and high volume shrilling sound in the ear. It can lead to other complicated tendencies as well

If you listen to music all day on ear phones or work in the audio industry: It is advisable to visit a doctor and use ear plugs when not using head phones, these can help in cushioning the ears.

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