Go for novel ways

Does being an atheist or an ardent devotee really matter? For, isn’t the very idea of complete surrender to a higher power worth serious questioning? While belief or disbelief are hues and shades of the unique colour of faith, complete dependence on a Supreme Authority is neither necessary nor worth the effort.

Ultimately, it’s about us getting used to a specific set of ideals and a particular way of reflecting or praying. It is way past time we denounced oft-repeated ways of reacting to situations and accepted responsibility for things which need our attention, care and judgement.

While there isn’t even an iota of doubt in the fact that life offers us little control over circumstance, success and destiny, there is a lot which we can control only if we decide to and take the plunge.

Isn’t it been a long time since the world saw profound thinkers offer meaningful solutions to burgeoning problems overpowering plans for peace. Strides in technology and few people doing meaningful work are glistening streaks of silver, lining dark clouds.

This would require infusing fresh insights and bold strokes into the canvas called life and the ‘art of living’. The business of fulfilling duties and achieving goals includes the inflow of hard work and toil as capital. This is exactly where religion and meditation prove useful, symbolising human labour.

The recipe for a delectably simple life definitely entails the blending together of dreams and desires as potent ingredients. Though, a fine balance is required all the while. It is in the best of our interest to ensure that we adopt the correct method of going about things, and follow the most suitable techniques by constant innovations.

Creativity helps by rejecting fixed, trite and obsolete patterns of thinking. It offers us the choice of choosing appropriate approaches by allowing new perspectives and interpretations, to understand both the physical and the spiritual realms.


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