God’s many ways

There are times when we all feel that God has been unfair to us. We feel we have not received our share of joy inspite of performing all our duties with utmost sincerity. But God has his own ways of rewarding and awarding what one truly deserves or not.

I want to share a short story told by my grandmother which explains the true ways of God .Two close friends were travelling from one village to another. Both the friends were extremely different from each other. While one was honest, truthful, sincere and God- fearing, the other was dishonest and wicked. He didn’t believe in God and was quite proud of the way he behaved.

They happened to pass through a forest area which had a lot of wild plants and animals. While they were walking by, the wicked friend came across an urn full of gold coins. He was delighted to find it and said it was not because of God but because of his good luck that he found it.

As they moved further, the honest friend fell on the dry bushes full of thorns which pricked his feet badly and it started bleeding. He was in deep pain and started thinking of the ways of God. As they moved further, they came across a sage. The honest friend out of deep pain and curiosity narrated the whole incident to the sage and asked for his viewpoint.

The learned sage said your friend had done a lot of good deeds in his past life because of which he had to get a fortune in this life. On the other hand, you have committed a lot of sins in your last life because of which you had to be hanged unto death in this life, but your good deeds in this life reduced that punishment to a prick of thorns.

The story explains that God’s justice and ways are beyond the thoughts of human beings. So one should never question his ways and should believe that  one gets what one deserves.


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