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  • Brahma Kumari Shukla
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  • Updated: Feb 27, 2013 00:54 IST

People attend to their roles, responsibilities, relationships and other routines in order to experience and share joy. But how come we see them in tension, stress and discontentment?

One can blame it on our inept belief system. It is misleading to think that more the mundane objects, power and position you possess, the merrier you become. Due to this mindset, you become subservient to materialistic forces and party to conflicts and violence in a vicious circle of slavery to senses and sins.

To come out of this evil cycle, you need to train and transform your consciousness, thoughts, attitude and values from temporal to divine, competitive to cooperative, acquisitive to distributive and from the greedy nature of getting to the pious culture of giving.

You got to enable your inner being to regain its sovereignty over senses, mind, intellect, emotions and passions through regular practice of spiritual wisdom and loving communion with the Supreme Being. By this, you become immune to external forces and enjoy inner peace.

To make such a paradigm shift possible, you need to integrate five core spiritual tenets into your mindset and behavior for healthy, harmonious and contended living.

The first spiritual principle envisages that nothing in this world exists for itself but co-exists for mutual benefits of each other.

The second golden rule emphasises that nothing in the world can be owned but can be used for need fulfillment.

The third tenet reveals that materialism by itself is not the source of human happiness. The ephemeral and negative nature of matter cannot provide real peace.

The fourth principle says it is good karma or virtuous deed which is the true source of peace and happiness. And the fifth spiritual law considers materialism a good servant but a bad master.


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