Growth conundrum

Success is yours if you realise that big problems come our way as big opportunities. But that makes one’s angst over growth a little mysterious.

Growth here does not mean necessarily growth in one’s professional career; it also means one’s “growth” as a human being, in being kind, compassionate, helpful and purposeful. In fact, this growth is bigger and the real than one’s professional growth.

All of us want to grow but not all of us put ourselves in the right context and the necessary environment to push ourselves ahead. That could be because of two reasons: Sheer lack of awareness about the possibilities; or for being simply lazy with go-easy habits.

Staying alert to grab the next chance and  prepare yourself and be fit to be fit in the ‘next slot’ can get you the prized positioning chance in your life.

Lee Iacocca said, “We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” It is here that one has to see beyond the problem and hunt out a great opportunity.

Opportunities have to be created; you have to prepare yourself in a way that you are fit for a higher position and no one feels not at ease to keep you away from fulfilling your wishes. Remember the saying, God himself will ask you about your requirement if you position yourself to the heights of your dream.

One has to ask every morning before beginning the day’s work, “Am I focused on the right thing, and is it in tune with the possibilities in the near future?” This is called creating conditions and opportunities that could favour you in future, if not immediately. Having done that, one has to be a good strategist in this greatly competitive world. You have to be enthused over your ability to cross the bridge when it comes your way.

Opportunities come in plenty but we fail to recognise them. As British comedian and writer Danny Wallace said, “The only time you have no opportunities is when you decide to stop taking them.”


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