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  • Updated: Feb 11, 2013 01:00 IST

One can always add a new dimension to one's persona. "One who serves and seeks no recompense finds union with the Lord. Such a servant alone takes the Master's guidance, says Nanak, as on him is divine grace."

When we help somebody and do not get adequate response we feel ill at ease. The feelings of disappointment are nothing but a result of our ego. Yet, "Rendering help to another is the function of all human beings", says the Tattvarthasutra.

Selfless service alone gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the soul in you. The Gita emphasises action for the sake of duty. You get instant job satisfaction. And you receive untold blessings. It says, "Life dedicated to duty is life fulfilled."

That little spark of an idea that you get in a moment to go out there, and do a little extra for someone is a work of your real self. It is an act of inspiration from within. Let's go out and be in high spirit to allow that essence of fellow feeling to ooze out of us.

Our loving heart feels like helping others. The opening of the heart happens via kindness and consideration. There is joy in lending a helping hand. Very few are capable of doing this. Do it and don't wait for being thanked. The returns are ten-fold.

We ought to have a liberal heart so that we could be of help to others. There is joy of giving the needy. Freely we serve, because freely we love.

Give and get back a smile. Your left hand should not know what your right hand has done. No expectation should be carried forward.  You are great if you nourish the soul. You have tremendous latent potential to tap. Have an aim in life.  No two beings are carbon copies.  You are unique. Who knows you soon become a good role model for countless people follow suit? calls the beauty we have paid for with our shame."


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