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As long as you live within the limitations of your body and mind, you will suffer. If suffering has not come to you yet, you are in the queue.  But every suffering need not happen to you.

You see so many others suffering around you and just by looking at them, you must know that this can happen to you also.

Gautama Buddha was a king but he saw a sick person, an old person and a dead body, and he forsook his kingdom and his family to set off on a pursuit to know the truth. He could distinctly see that if this could happen to him as well.

One morning, a lion had a hearty breakfast and was feeling really good with a full stomach. So he caught hold of a rabbit that was passing by and asked him, "Who is the king of the forest?" "Oh master you, of course, you." The lion felt good. Then he caught hold of a fox, "Who is the king of the forest?" The fox rolled at his feet and said, "You are the king of the forest." The lion felt better.

And then he caught hold of a few more creatures and asked them the same. Each one of them said he was the king.

Now he was feeling really good and swaggering through the forest when he came across a huge tusker. He went and stood in front of the tusker and said, "Hey tusker, tell me, who is the king of the forest?" The tusker just picked him up in his trunk, and smashed him to the ground, breaking the lion's back. The broken lion said, "You could have just told me, I would have gotten it." The tusker replied, "But I had to make my point."

So, if you don't get it by yourself, life will make the point in so many ways. Some people learn with a small knock, some learn only with harsher knocks, and some never learn and get knocked around all the time. - www.ishafoundation.org


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