Learning the beauty of selflessness

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  • Updated: Sep 30, 2013 01:33 IST

Everything we see around us, be it plants, trees, rivers, mountains, animal or birds, are the creations of God. All these creations grow and live in coexistence with human beings who are considered to be His most superior creations.

Human beings are the most blessed of all the creations as they have various powers and physical features which are absent in other creations. For example, animals and birds can do all the things that human beings can do but cannot talk like us. Plants, trees and mountains are always in a stationary position and can’t walk like we do.

But inspite of enjoying all these features, human beings are the most selfish of all the creatures .They are concerned only about their own needs and well-being, hardly concerned about what is happening around them. They are extremely insensitive towards nature, misuse it  just to satisfy their own desires and needs.

Human beings have a lot to learn from nature — sun, moon, sky, plants, rivers, mountains that are endlessly and selflessly providing them with all their basic needs, wanting nothing in return.

Some animals and birds also selflessly serve human beings, never voicing their own demands. Let me share with you a short story which is a lesson for all the human beings. One day a bird, who was a friend with a bee, asks her, “Dear friend, all day I see you working so hard  with so many of your other fellow bees to make honey. After such a lot of time and effort, you make a little quantity of honey and then men come and rob you of that honey. Don’t you feel bad about it?”

“Never”, said the beaming bee. She said, “One can steal my honey, but one can never steal the art of making honey from me.” The bird was astonished to see the altruistic and selfless attitude of her bee friend and was really inspired from her. The story teaches a lesson to all human beings, to be selfless, caring and thoughtful towards others.


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