Only He can secure us

Any intelligent person will worry about his or her future. This is natural and any theory that one can ignore it is bogus. Any attempt to live in the present without thoughts of future will be a non-starter.

Therefore, we need to secure our future before we feel comfortable in the present. The example of sleeping in the night is very apt. What do we do before we go to sleep? We close all the doors securely. Similarly, we can be comfortable in the present if we have taken steps to secure our future.

This is how we generally secure our future. Most of us, if not all of us, put away a part of our savings for future use. Unfortunately, money has its limitations, even though it may not be sufficient, as in the case of a terminal disease.

Does this mean that our future cannot be secured at all? Before I answer this question, let us understand who we are. We are souls with material bodies. The soul is not a problem because it is eternal, conscious and blissful; our bodies are, because they are subject to changes and, ultimately, death. These changes are old age and diseases.

No matter what we do, we cannot make our material bodies fully safe or permanent. Does the future then have to be dark? No, not necessarily.

True, changes will take place both in our bodies and in our circumstances, but they can be taken care of in advance. How can this be done? There is an entity, which is above such changes, and which controls them. He is God.

How do we qualify for God’s help? This is what we need to do. We follow God’s instructions, as given in bona fide scriptures like the Bhagavad-Geeta.

Only God and His instructions can secure our future. As we follow God’s instructions and do spiritual practices, we will have the realisation that our future is secure. Then, we can enjoy our present like a person whose doors are secured.


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