The doorway to soul

Deep within us is our soul, full of light, love and peace. While the soul wants to enjoy its state of bliss, it is held back by the mind’s incessant need to satisfy its desires. The treasures of our soul remain hidden under layers of mind, matter and illusion.

The mind gets enjoyment from the pleasures of the world. Our attention is focused on the outer world instead of the inner one. We keep adding more coverings through our mind’s desires which lead us into anger and violence, lust, greed, attachment, deceit and ego.

These attractions are temporary. Our life is a merry-go-round in which we experience the cycle of pleasure and pain. Is there any way to cut through these blockages to experience the soul? How can we not be washed away by the sea of life?

Saints and mystics throughout the ages have been able to venture into the realm of the soul. Just as pioneers explored the oceans when people believed the world was flat, and astronauts ventured into outer space, there have been explorers of the inner worlds of the soul. They overcame great obstacles, the pull of the mind, to invert their attention within themselves.

Discovering the doorway to the soul, they were able to remove the layers covering the soul so that their true self could shine in all its pristine glory. They learned to structure their lives to find the time to live as an empowered soul. They learned to balance their life to attend to their spiritual side and worldly responsibilities. They learned to drink the spiritual nectar within as well as share the overflowing cup with the thirsty.


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