The glow of sincerity

Unmasking the sincerity of the soul is one among the many divine teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. In his book, Man’s Eternal Quest, the yogi writes that “sincerity is a soul quality that God has given to every human being, but not all express it.”

All religious scriptures and sages describe sincerity as a route to righteousness and an attribute of communion with God.

To preserve sincerity in thoughts and actions may be a challenge, especially in a materialistic world where greed, bigotry and falsehood fabricate the purity of our conscience.

The candidness in our speech and action can come across as impoliteness and ego, which may force us to wear a plastic mask, and engage in artificial relationships. But this only furthers our ignorance about the true meaning of life.

As we go far in sacrificing sincerity on our way to worldly achievements, we are slowly pushed to a corrupt lifestyle, and we become dishonest to ourselves and to others. Bearing the misery of dishonesty may not be visible distinctly and we may feel that no one is watching us when we speak or do ill.

Becoming sincere is a spiritual goal that comes only with patience and perseverance. We cannot sleep with the idea of being sincere and wake up the next day being one, magically.

It requires the desire to be a sincere person just like we aspire to have a car or house. After all it is easy to lie than to be truthful.

But we should know that all easy things are not necessarily good, and all hard things are not bad. Becoming sincere requires us to calm the negative energies of our mind. For some of us, mind control can come through meditation, while some may require a respite, to reflect on past and present actions.

For a few others, it may mean deferring the gratification of immediate results, and grasping on to upright and ethical dealings.

To change our attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions, we have to step out of our comfort zone.


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