You need Aadhaar for all these services

The central government has since the start of this year issued at least notifications telling people that they need Aadhaar, the unique national identification number, to avail certain services.

Without Aadhaar, you can't access these services. That includes getting a mobile connection, filing your tax returns or even availing a midday meal at school. Why? The government says making Aadhaar mandatory will discourage fraud and ease distibutiton of subsidies, but the Supreme Court says it cannot be a requirement for welfare schemes.

Of the services for which Aadhaar is required, all, barring , are welfare schemes.

This is a complete list of the services that require your Aadhaar number.

Order by date of notification, deadline to enroll for Aadhaar or time frame between the two

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Source: Gazette of India, Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC), HT Research.