Call 103, help will be there in 10 minutes

Tamboli is the deputy commissioner of police and spokesperson, Mumbai police


Why are crimes against women in the city increasing? Are the police handling it effectively?

No society in the world has a zero percent crime rate. As the population increases, crimes against women will also increase and this is what is happening in Mumbai. The police force is doing its best in registering and solving crimes.


What steps are the police taking to curb such incidents?  

The helpine (103) is very useful. It provides information and help will reach within three to ten minutes.


The Supreme Court has directed all states to post plainclothes women police officials at railway stations and other public places. Have the Mumbai police implemented this?

I have not heard about this directive so far and therefore cannot comment.


Many times the public chooses not to intervene when women are being harassed as they don’t want to get involved with the police. Is that a reason why such crimes are happening publicly?

People don’t want to get involved because of the legal troubles that will follow. Even the police can solve cases faster if witnesses cooperate.


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