It’s a new Yusuf Pathan you are seeing this IPL: Gautam Gambhir

  • Gautam Gambhir
  • Updated: May 04, 2016 18:05 IST
Yusuf Pathan hit an unbeaten 29-ball 60 to help Kolkata Knight Riders chase down Royal Challengers Bangalore’s 186-run target. (PTI)

It is nice to know that KKR-RCB games are being talked about. The reasons are multi-fold, ranging from the presence of powerhitters on both sides, the passion of the players and of course the furniture damage inflicted by yours truly on Monday night.

I am not surprised that “furniture damage” is being served as the main course while Yusuf Pathan and Andre Russell’s batting exploits are being relegated as side dishes. We are Indians and we love our spicy stuff, isn’t it? And that clip of mine where I am testing the stability of a dugout chair is loaded with masala.

Yes, I made a mistake and I was fined 15% of the match fee. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have kicked. Besides being a cricketer, people look up to us as role models for whom there is a set behaviour template. The moment you deviate from that pattern you are seen as an outlaw.

Not something new

My brush with authorities is not new. I am repentant and embarrassed but I never got the answer to one basic question: Aren’t the role models entitled to have emotions? Aren’t they human enough to express themselves or release their pent up feelings? I think they too are by-products of the times and the society they are living in.

Maybe it is a little too much to expect them to behave as if they are participating in a Sunday Mass while actually they are engaged in a fiercely fought game of cricket.

Let us now move on and try to get Yusuf and Russell on the centrestage. I said this before and say it again that this is a new Yusuf Pathan. He is not all boom and blast of old. My dear friend has quite sensibly added “block” to complete the trilogy of batting. He has now learnt the relevance of keeping the good ball out and wait like a veteran hunter for bad ones. To me the game was changed in that Shane Watson over where Yusuf pinched 24 runs. That opened the floodgates and post that we needed a mere 23 runs off 18 balls.

Russell too played his role well. I have never seen him so pumped up. Normally, you don’t get the cuss words from the West Indians but Russell wasn’t hesitant blurting them out. I thought our bowling deserves a special mention here despite the fact that Umesh Yadav had an off day. To restrict a batting heavy team like RCB for 185 was some effort.

Good effort

I was extremely pleased with the efforts of Piyush Chawla. His dismissal of AB de Villiers was the stuff of legends. I am not exaggerating. If you have not seen it please do get hold of the video and have a look. If the quality of that delivery was top notch, I think its timing was marvellous too.

If you have to get AB out, it has to be in the first 10 deliveries otherwise you are in for a big night. In many ways Piyush is one of KKR’s unsung heroes and unlike me he does it with a smile.

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