Great Indian bustard among 39 endangered species in Rajasthan

  • Dinesh Bothra, Hindustan Times, Jodhpur
  • Updated: May 26, 2016 14:48 IST
A forest department survey in 2015 put the number of the great Indian bustards at 13. (HT Photo)

At least 39 animal and bird species – including the great Indian bustard and tiger - and 40 plant species face the threat of extinction in Rajasthan, a State Biodiversity Board report said.

“The list of endangered species of animals and plants was prepared after consultations with experts, so that conservation efforts could be planned and public awareness generated,” said Devendra Kumar Bhardwaj, a member secretary of the board.

A 2014 Wildlife Institute of India (WII) survey counted 44 great Indian bustards in Rajasthan. A forest department survey in 2015 put the number of the great Indian bustards at 13.

A 2015 MoEF report put the number of tigers in Rajasthan at 52. The 2010 census had put the big cat number in the state at 36.

The endangered list of animal and bird species includes 13 mammals, 19 birds, five reptiles, one arachnida (joint-legged invertebrate animal) and one amphibia.

The threatened birds species include the great Indian bustard, Indian vulture, Aravali red spurfowl, Siberian crane, Indian blackbird, red-headed vulture and red-whiskered bulbul.

Land use mismanagement and lack of a conservation policy have endangered the biodiversity nurtured in an arid ecosystem in Rajasthan, experts said.

The endangered plant species includes 19 herbs, 12 shrubs, six trees, a grass and two climbers.

The report said Monsania hellotroploides, a herb found in desert areas of Jaisalmer, has disappeared. Bhoti dhaman, a herb from eastern and western parts of Rajasthan, has been listed under a ‘very rare’ category. Motio hlran chabbo, a shrub found in Barmer, has been placed under a ‘seriously threatened’ category.

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