DBT scheme: People 'forced to pay extra' termed plan 'faulty'

  • Jatinder Kohli, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
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  • Updated: Oct 06, 2013 22:11 IST

Linking Aadhaar card with the bank account with an aim for direct transfer of the subsidies for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) have proved costly for the consumers as they are forced to pay about `100 more for buying a subsidised cylinder as compared to earlier system.

Not only the consumers are paying extra, confusions regarding how much and when they would receive subsidy into their accounts are also troubling them.

Those who have already linked their bank accounts with Aadhaar numbers have also termed new system 'expensive'.

Gas agencies and nodal agency of DBT, that is, district food and supply department were also unaware about the fact that why consumers, who have linked their bank accounts with Aadhaar numbers are forced to pay Rs 100 extra.

In Jalandhar, an LPG consumer Raj Kumar, who had linked his bank account with Aadhaar number, said he had paid Rs 1066 for an LPG cylinder, but was shocked to find out that he had received only Rs 435 into bank account as subsidy. He added that it was surprising that in this way, the cylinder cost Rs 600 more whereas the consumers who have not linked their Aadhaar numbers are still getting subsidised cylinder at Rs 430.

He said it would have been better had he not linked his accounts with Aadhaar number. He also blamed government for not giving a clear picture about DBTL scheme.

In Nawanshahr, an LPG consumer, Lachhman Das said he had paid Rs 1000 despite amount printed as `Rs 993 on bill receipt of cylinder and was shocked to find out from statement of bank account that only Rs 470 was received as subsidy from government.

"In this way, the cylinder costs around Rs 523 and I was forced to pay Rs 93 extra for it,"he alleged. He added that the central government and gas agencies had created DBT just to rob the common man and stated that old system was better than the 'faulty DBT scheme'.

Chief area manager, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Rajeev Patel said, "Those who have linked their accounts with Aadhaar will get Rs 435 on the booking of cylinder into their account as 'advance' from government."

He added that Rs 435 was not a subsidy amount and those consumers, who had got cylinder delivered, would also get subsidy amount into their accounts within a few days and people should not be worried.


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