When govt encroached upon state's ITI dream

  • Jatinder Kohli, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
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  • Updated: Oct 10, 2013 21:09 IST

Though the Punjab government is claiming to open more industrial training institutes (ITIs) to run job-oriented courses for youth, the ones already established seem to be in a shambles.

The 16 state ITIs have fallen prey to encroachments by none other than the state government departments.

Through an RTI application filed with the director of the technical education and industrial department, Hindustan Times has come to know that several government departments, including police, public health, administration, higher education, home guard and the centre for training and employment of Punjab youth (C-PYTE), have encroached upon the ITIs. The encroachments can be spot on hostel rooms, ground and even residences of many ITI principals.

The government has failed to get the areas free of the illegal possession, which has continued for the past 15-20 years.

Seeking anonymity, one of the senior functionaries of the technical education department said they had written to senior officials several times in the past and the officials had also conducted meetings with the chief secretary and the chief minister, but to no avail. He said the encroachments hampered renovation and upgrade of the ITIs.
He said that at some places, as per the rules and regulations, principals were supposed to be present on the campus 24X7, but the encroachments forced them to live outside on a rented accommodation.
He said presence of policemen on the campus of a few ITIs, including that in Moga and Nawanshahr, affected the study environment of the institute and students usually complained about the behaviour of policemen.
B Purushartha, director of the technical education and industrial training, was unavailable for comment.

Illegality brought to fore
ITIs                                                        Encroached upon by                                       Portion under illegal possession 
Ludhiana                                             C -PYTE (since February 10, 1991)                       10 rooms of the building 
Faridkot                                              C-PYTE (since February 14, 1995)                          Hostel building 
Lalru ( Mohali)                                    C-PYTE (since July 1, 2000)                                    Half of the workshop 
Ranike (Amritsar)                                C-PYTE (since November 1, 2007)                        Six rooms, including hostel and ground 
Patti (TarnTaran)                                C-PYTE (since September 22, 2008)                       Three rooms and 2,000 sq ft of canteen 
Zalalabad (Fazilka)                        C-PYTE/police (since October 15, 2008)   Workshop block, official residence and 10 quarters 
Qadian (Gurdaspur)                           Police (since 1983)                                                       Official residence of the principal 
Moga                                                Police (since 1995)                                                          Hostel building 
Talwandi Chaudhrian(Kapurthala)      Police (since August 1985)                                               Hostel building 
Fazilka                                               Home guard/ police                                                  Hostel, three quarters and grounds 
Bassi Pathana (Fatehgarh Sahib)         Police/home guard                                                    Six rooms/ two rooms 
Pathankot                                          Public health (since 1999)      An acre isused by SDO(water supply) as his office & store 
Kheowali (Muktsar)                  Industry department/ district administration (since August 28, 2001) Quarter number 7 
Maksoodpur                                        Administration                                               Private encroachment on two acres 
Moonak (Sangrur)                              Higher Education                                           Administrative and canteen blocks 
Nawanshahr                                    Police (since November 13, 1995)      Official residence of the principal and a few hostel rooms


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