3-week-old baby’s bleeding in brain stopped by using superglue

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  • Updated: Jun 12, 2013 14:58 IST
Surgeons at the University of Kansas Hospital sealed a 3-week-old baby’s life-threatening brain aneurysm with a dollop of superglue.
Ashlyn Julian was born on May 16. Her parents, Gina and Jared Julian, said she was a healthy newborn.
However, in a matter of days, Ashlyn went from being a quiet but tired baby to one who was screaming and vomiting.
Doctors discovered an aneurysm the size of an almond on little baby’s brain.
Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital discovered the she had an almond-sized aneurysm in the middle of her brain.
Surgeons used the smallest adult catheter they could find and a strand of microwire to put super glue on baby Ashlyn’s aneurysm, the New York Daily News reported.
The unconventional method of using super glue to repair Ashlyn’s aneurysm worked, and the 3-week-old is on the road to recovery. (ANI)

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