Cops suspect inside job in Pankaj Roy home burglary

Two days have passed since the theft at ex-cricketer Pankaj Roy’s house, but the police are still clueless about who was behind it. Roy’s family members on Sunday found that jewellery inside a chest was missing.

The police have sent the keys of the chest for a forensic examination, said an officer of Shyampukur police station. The anti-burglary section of the detective department is assisting the Shyampukur police station in tracing the culprit. The police said Bijaya Roy, wife of Pankaj Roy, used to open the chest in the presence of her sons.

The police feel the burglary was an insider job. They are also examining the call details of the family members to get the identities of the persons contacted before and after the jewels were stolen.


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