Park St, New Delhi rapes not comparable: Didi aide

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Kolkata
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  • Updated: Dec 26, 2012 10:28 IST

The Park Street rape and the one of a 23-year old paramedic student are not strictly comparable, said Arpita Ghosh, the theatre activist close to chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday.

She also offered the first explanation on record for the chief minister’s famous “shajano ghotona (concocted incident)” remark about the Park Street rape.

“The offenders whom the Park Street victim named initially turned out to be incorrect and that’s why the chief minister described the incident as concocted. But after the culprits were pinpointed, she did not make any such comment,” Ghosh remarked after an agitation programme in front of Academy of Fine Arts.

The Trinamool Congress-dominated intellectual platform Natya Swajan was demonstrating against the New Delhi rape in front of the academy.

“Before accusing the chief minister for her comment, the woman (the Park Street victim) should be blamed as she failed to point out the culprits,” Ghosh added.

“The incident is concocted to malign my government,” Mamata had said at the state secretariat when asked to react on the media report of the mother of two being raped in a moving car on the night of February 5 after she emerged from a discotheque. The comment triggered a nationwide furore and Mamata baiters still liberally use the remark to pin her down regularly.

While Ghosh struggled to draw a fine line between the two incidents that shook the nation with a logic that did not appear very obvious, as a party Trinamool Congress and its leader Mamata Banerjee has maintained a studied silence on the atrocity in the capital over the past one week.

“The New Delhi girl is still struggling for her life, but she did not fail to identify the culprits,” Ghosh reiterated.

Over the past few days since the December 17 New Delhi incident, discussions about the Park Street victim has surfaced with sections of the media capturing her poor plight, and in almost every discussion the chief minister’s remark was again flayed. The 37-year old Anglo-Indian woman is now undergoing a lot of hardships with hardly any income to pay her house rent and school fees of her two school going daughters.

Both house rent and school fees have not been paid for months. Two of the key accused continues to elude the police and the court is yet to frame the charges though the chragesheet was submitted in May.

”I feel like jumping from the rooftop, but the faces of my daughters hold me back,” she told Hindustan Times on December 18.


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