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The four Behala victims were hit on head first

kolkata Updated: Sep 08, 2012 12:00 IST
Behala murder

All four victims of the Behala murder case were first hit with some heavy blunt objects on the back of their heads after which one of the assailants, probably a professional, who was hired specifically for the purpose, slit their throats to make sure that they were dead, sleuths of the city police's detective department claimed on Friday after preliminary reports from the post mortem.

Sleuths claimed that even though there was more than one person in the gang, the throats of all four victims were slit open by a single person who was right handed. The nature of the injuries also suggested that a heavy and sharp weapon such as a chopper (bhojali) was used.

"The nature of injuries was the same in all the victims' throats suggesting that it was a single person who slit the throats. Secondly the injuries clearly indicated that the weapon was moved from left to right, which means that the assailant was a right-handed person. The depth of the wounds hinted that it was a heavy sharp weapon unlike a razor or a small knife which are usually light weighted," a senior officer of the homicide squad said.

The murderers later washed their hands and weapons in a basin on the first floor. Bloodstains have been found on the basin and below it. The report also suggested that all the bodies had minor injury marks on their hands, which hinted that they could have put up a resistance before being silenced.

The cops after preliminary investigation have also zeroed in on a few more clues such as, even though there was more than one person in the gang but at least one of the gang members were known to the family. "This point becomes clear as there was no evidence of resistance inside the house. One has to pass through at least three gates to enter the house. Had the person been unknown he would have found some resistance from the cook or the ayah who usually opened the gates, when a visitor came," an officer said.

Sleuths have also ruled out the possibility of a dacoity, which was thought to be one of the reasons earlier. "It's not dacoity. The miscreants have not touched the steel cupboard, which could have contained some valuables. Even Gauri's gold bangle was intact. Dacoits would have left no stone unturned. Only two wardrobes were open. The miscreants were either trying to mislead the cops or searching for something specific," the officer said.

If not dacoity then what? Police suspects that there could be two other motives, business rivalry and property dispute. Sleuths have learnt that not only were the Bhattacharjee's doing well with their cable line business, which they had set up in the early 90's, but they also had a shop dealing with computer parts and other electronic and electrical gadgets. "This apart they also had a plot of nearly three cottahs. Recently a dispute had cropped up between the victims and one of their relatives Ashok Bhattacharjee. We have also interrogated Ashok to get some leads," the officer said.

Police have detained two more persons — Sandhya Goswami, an ayah of the house who went out early that day handing over the charge to another ayah, Moyna Roy (who got murdered). The second one is identified as Shankar Singh, who often used to come to the locality to take Sandhya home.