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Apropos of the report "Centre to care for the unwanted girl child" (February 19), mere laws and schemes cannot end foeticide. It is the mindset that needs to be changed. The greed of son-centric parents, coupled with ineffective implementation of infanticide laws and the draconian dowry system, is the root cause of this menace. The government cannot substitute for family, for that would hamper the growth of the child. The remedy could be worse than the problem.

SNM Kopparty, Delhi

Heart of the matter

The editorial "Heart of the matter" (Feb 19) has rightly highlighted the growing risk of cardiovascular diseases, particularly in rural India. The death ratio due to heart failure is much more than what it used to be 15 years ago. Sedentary lifestyles, especially in developing countries, along with the extensive use of tobacco, are a major cause of many other ailments. These diseases can be fought by regular exercise and by controlling diet.

Hamsa Kohli, via e-mail

Peace train attack

The editorial "Trial by terror" (February 20) rightly suggests that targeting the Samjhauta Express was an attempt to derail the bilateral dialogue between India and Pakistan. Recovery of suitcases with explosives suggests that this was loaded at the Delhi station because the train moves non-stop after it leaves Delhi. There are no scanning machines to sniff explosives at the Delhi station. India and Pakistan would also do well to bring the ongoing peace talks to some logical conclusion in a reasonable timeframe.

RK Malhotra, Delhi


The attack was aimed at derailing the peace talks between India and Pakistan. If the latest incidents are any indicators, Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism. If Musharraf is serious about ending terrorism, he must rein in the ISI. India should reintroduce the Pota to eliminate the terrorist conduits that have been flourishing for long.

Balram Misra, via e-mail

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