Our MPs can’t accept that many of them face criminal charges

Our MPs can’t accept that many of them face criminal charges
With reference to the report MPs protest Team Anna remarks, plan LS resolution (March 27), our MPs are upset with Anna Hazare because he has called a spade a spade. Social activist Arvind Kejriwal has rightly pointed out that more than 20% of our elected representatives are facing criminal charges. He isn’t wrong in stating that this is the fault of the common man who has voted criminals to power. It’s also true that our MPs are scared of the Lokpal Bill and that’s why they don’t want to pass it in Parliament.
Haridasan Mathilakath, Mumbai

The timing is not quite kosher
Army chief General VK Singh’s revelation that he was offered a bribe of R14 crore to clear a deal is startling to say the least (Army chief drops bribe bomb, government orders CBI probe, March 27). Though General Singh did the right thing by refusing the bribe, he is at fault for not making the matter public when it happened. By disclosing the details now, it seems that he is trying to settle scores with the government for the recent dispute over his date of birth. The government should order an urgent inquiry into the bribery case to find out if there’s even a grain of truth to General Singh’s revelation.
Deepjot Thukral, Ambala

Feeling the Dragon's fiery breath
This refers to the report Pakistan govt leases land in Gilgit to China (March 24). This will enable China to link Aksai Chin with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and also move closer to the Gwadar sea port. This could pose a serious threat to India’s security.
PP Talwar, via email


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