Stricter emission norms could have made Delhi’s air cleaner

Stricter emission norms could have made Delhi’s air cleaner
This refers to the report Can’t stop vehicles to limit smog: DPCC (November 6). It is appalling to read that the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has failed to check air pollution and has frittered away the post-CNG gains made by the city. The fact that Delhi adds more than 1,000 vehicles to its roads daily underlines the pathetic state of public transport in the city. Though Delhi Metro has done its share of work, the city needs effective implementation of stricter emission norms.
Gautam Chandra, via email

The pot calling the kettle black
This refers to the report Cong takes corruption war to Oppn, defends reforms (November 5). The Congress’ counter- offensive against the Opposition, especially the BJP, saying it is ‘neck deep’ in corruption, is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The scale and magnitude of scams the country had during the UPA government’s watch is mind-boggling. Instead of attacking the Opposition, the Congress must set its house in order and focus on ways to lift the sagging economy.
S Kamat, via email

Films can’t offer solutions
With reference to Ashwini Kulkarni’s article He’s way off the mark (November 3), the author is wrong in expecting a solution to a socio-political problem as complex as Naxalism from Prakash Jha’s film Chakravyuh. He must realise that it is the government’s job to figure out democratic solutions through peace talks and ceasefire. Fortunately, the director in his movie did not offer simplistic solutions. I would like to congratulate the director for bringing the issue of Naxalism into mainstream Hindi cinema. 
Harish Chandra, via email 


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