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The State should not allow fringe elements to hijack our democracy
It's shameful that in today's day and age the first all-girl band of Kashmir, Pragaash, was forced to call it quits in the wake of a fatwa issued by the Grand Mufti who termed singing as "un-Islamic" (Curtains down on J&K's first all-girl band, February 5). Of late, fringe elements have been hijacking India's democracy in the garb of 'hurt sentiments'. To make matters worse, State inaction creates a logjam over such incidents. A mature polity is expected to send out a strong message to these elements that there's no room for bigotry in a secular and plural society like ours.
Manish Garg, via email

Too late for the Congress to change
With reference to Ashok Malik's article Change or perish (February 5), if Congress ministers were not arrogant or elitist, the party could have handled the Ramlila Ground and Rashtrapati Bhavan protests in a more mature way. The UPA has neither understood the impact of the social media nor has it taken the youth seriously. But now it will be foolish to expect them to change overnight, as they are used to looking down on the common man. This may prove detrimental to the party in 2014.
Bal Govind, Noida

Amend the Food Security Bill
With reference to Harsh Mander's article An unfinished battle (Democracy Wall, February 4), the writer has rightly raised doubts whether the Food Security Bill, approved by the Cabinet, will achieve its objectives as it fails to cover all the needy sections of society. Moreover, budgetary provisions, too, need to be made before the bill is passed. Therefore, to get desired results, the bill must be amended.
R Natarajan, via email

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