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The government cannot continue to treat human life carelessly
With reference to the editorial It was waiting to happen (Our Take, February 12), it is tragic that deadly stampedes are common in India, especially at religious gatherings. The stampede in Allahabad could have been averted had the authorities concerned put preventive measures in place considering that the Maha Kumbh mela is a planned mass gathering. It is high time the government sent across a strong message that human life is not expendable. Besides infrastructural arrangement, committees organising such mass gatherings must work in tandem with the government to ensure that a good crowd management plan is followed. 
Pramod Srivastava, via email

Presenting an incomplete picture
With reference to the report on what I said as a panelist in the Hindustan Times Conclave on Haryana in Gurgaon (Who said what at the conclave, February 8), it was highly selective and misleading. It did not mention that I lauded Haryana's growth story, which is much superior to that of Punjab and Rajasthan. The report says that I said Haryana's growth was not equal. But what I had said was that whenever you grow rapidly, some part of the state advances further than the rest, and this appears as inequality. Having shown that Haryana can achieve rapid growth in some centres, it should be possible now to develop more growth centres within the state. On urbanisation, my main point was how this challenge is greater for a fast-growing state. This was again missed in HT's reporting. While HT has reported what I said on gender indicators, it failed to point out that I said this was not to be expected of a state like Haryana, which is doing so well in so many dimensions, and how in this respect, both Punjab and Haryana are in the same boat.
Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Chairperson, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, Delhi

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