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Mulayam Singh Yadav must adopt a hands-off approach in UP
The editorial Don't take this warning lightly (Our Take, March 25) makes it clear that the real capability of Akhilesh Yadav will remain in doubt if Mulayam Singh Yadav continues to publicly berate his son and his administration. With general elections round the corner, the Samajwadi chief's latest salvo appears to be nothing more than opportunistic posturing. Though Akhilesh may not have lived up to expectations, Mulayam must not interfere in the daily running of his son's government. It is time the leader adopted a hands-off approach.
Amit Bhandari, Delhi

He's bad news for Pakistan
With reference to the report Musharraf back after 4 years to 'save' Pakistan (March 25), the return of Pervez Musharraf is nothing but terrible news for Pakistan. Not only did the former president aid many terror groups when in power, he also significantly undermined due process of law and democracy. More than his efforts, his future will depend entirely on the tolerance of the Pakistani people. 
AK Pathak, via email

Celebrities are not above the law
I agree with the views expressed by Harinder Baweja in her article He's got off quite lightly (March 23). Sanjay Dutt's crime was not akin to petty theft. It involved terrorists and affected the nation. It seems shocking that persons like Markandey Katju are pleading for Dutt so publicly. Is the celebrity only being singled out for such largesse because he and his family enjoy political influence? If the State pardons Dutt, it would set an unfortunate precedent.
AS Murti, Bhopal


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