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The CBI has to function without any fear to be fair and effective

With reference to the editorial Truth is now grey matter (Our Take, April 27), it’s a travesty of justice that not much is being done to protect the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) autonomy.

Time and again, there are instances — the latest being that it was made to share the Coalgate report with the PMO and law minister Ashwani Kumar — that suggest that the agency’s autonomy of investigation has been seriously compromised.

To ensure that its investigations are fair and effective; the agency should be completely free from political influence and be made answerable to Parliament and the Supreme Court.

P Saravana Durai, Mumbai

It’s their job to talk to people

This refers to Barkha Dutt’s article Will we run again? (Third Eye, April 27), it’s appalling that our political class lacks the communication skills to engage with the citizens who elect them to power. 

The government’s mishandling of the December 16 gang rape protests is a telling example of this political disconnect. Our politicians’ weak response to crucial issues, including the December 16 gang rape, pales in comparison with that of US President Barack Obama’s on the Boston bombings.

Gagandeep, via email

Not knowing when to keep quiet

With reference to the editorial Silence can be a virtue here (Our Take, April 29), derogatory and insensitive remarks made by our politicians, be it Uttar Pradesh textiles minister Shiv Kumar Beria or Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, are shockingly ignorant. Such deterioration in the quality of public life should not be tolerated. Instead of issuing half-hearted apologies, their political parties should suspend them.

Surendra Deo, via email

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