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Quotas only foster mediocrity in the backward classes and tribes
With reference to the report Promotion quota bill through in RS, (December 18), the passage of the bill is a retrograde step and will demoralise many government employees. It is unfortunate that such a major policy decision was taken in order to get votes in the 2014 general elections. All those who support the principle of reservation, be it in jobs or education, must realise that this creates a sense of complacency leading to inefficiency. I strongly believe that promotions should be based only on merit and performance and nothing else. We must stop this reservation politics and provide all facilities to the backward classes so that they can compete with others in every sphere.
-EM Adithyan, via email

Modi’s politics of exclusion
In his article Modi versus the rest (Beyo-nd The Bite, December 14), Rajdeep Sardesai rightly points out that the Gujarat election was all about Narendra Modi and  not the BJP.  What I really liked about Modi’s campaign was how cleverly he used technology to reach out to voters. Although our politicians and bureaucrats have access to the best technologies available now, they rarely use them. I must add there is one thing that Modi did not do right: the candidates’ list did not have even a single Muslim candidate. This is not expected of a leader of his stature, or someone who is eyeing the throne in Delhi.
-Charumati Haran, via email

Act now to stop these crimes
With reference to the editorial A nightmare on the streets (Our Take, December 19), the alarming rise of rape cases in the country is a cause for great concern. It only shows that people have no fear of the security forces and the judiciary. Unless the State takes some strong action against those who brutally assaulted the 23-year-old girl, such crimes will continue to take place.
-P Talwar, via email

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