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Shutting down Delhi isn't the right way to ensure women's safety
This refers to the report Govt's answer: Shut Delhi down (December 25). The  government did not handle the protests at India Gate and Jantar Mantar properly and its decision to shut down nine Metro stations and block several roads created huge problems for commuters. It seems that the UPA does not believe in engaging with the common man. The party's leaders are elitist and have no regard for the masses. The government cannot bring the city to a standstill like this to cover up for its inability to protect women.
Kavya, via email

Turn compassion into action
With reference to the editorial It's too little and too late (Our Take, December 25), Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his speech on the Delhi gangrape incident, said that he understands the people's concern over women's safety since he is a father of three daughters. The home minister, while addressing a press conference earlier, had made a similar point. I fail to understand the logic behind their argument, as there is no relation between having daughters and maintaining law and order in the country. The two leaders may be aware of the difficulties that women face in India, but they are not doing anything to make the country safer.
Manish Chandra, via email

This refers to Sitaram Yechury's article For a brighter dawn (Left Hand Drive, December 25). The article mistakenly states, "In India, the conviction rate .... is 25% for murders." The conviction rate for murders is 35%. The error is regretted.

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